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  Relax into wellness...


SWEDISH RELAXATION MASSAGE - 60/90 Minutes-$75/$115  


Swedish massage is gentle and uses a variety of relaxing strokes and techniques with light to medium pressure. It promotes a variety of physiological effects that enhance the body's ability to rebalance and heal.  For a thorough full body massage, a 90 min session is recommended. A choice of Essential oils are offered to stimulate the senses and enhance relaxation.



This treatment uses a variety of massage strokes with varying pressure while maintaining comfort during deep muscle work. Deep tissue work encourages muscle lengthening and pain relief. A topical treatment is used to enhance deep tissue work as well as your choice of essential oil. 




PRENATAL MASSAGE- 60/90 Minutes- $75/$115

Tailored for the Mother-to-be. A much needed addition for relieving many of the normal discomforts experienced with pregnancy.   Essential targets physical strain and serves to reduce muscle tension to those areas needing extra support such as the lower back, neck, hips, legs and feet. We can also incorporate abdomonial massage for your baby massage.Massage helps aid in better sleep, reduced muscle tension, and an overall sense of well-being.

For a thorough full body massage, a 90 min session is recommended. Essential oils will be applied stimulating the senses and relaxation. 


SPORT MASSAGE- 60 Minutes- $105


This type of treatment is geared for runners, competitive athletes, and weight lifters.  Using various modalities such as myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, muscle energy techniques, pin and stretch and contract and relax stretching and deep tissue work. This work is goal orientated, result based, corrective therapy as we partner together with the intent to reduce pain and  soft tissue dysfunction as well as increase energy, flexibility and joint range of motion. A topical treatment is included to provide the most benefit during and after your massage.


Focusing on upper or lower body major muscle groups. Structured to promote relief of sore and tight muscles using various muscle energy techniques and active release therapy along with comfortable deep tissue work to relax muscle and soft tissue tension. A topical treatment is used to enhance the effects of the deep tissue work. 





This work is recommended for all clients.  It is very gentle and deeply relaxing hands-on therapy. Many clients fall asleep during session work and awake feeling calm and peaceful.  If you suffer from stress, back and neck pain, headaches, migraines, TMJ, concussions, injuries, whiplash, anxiety, depression, and many other countless ailments this work is for you. Typically 3  to 4 sessions are recommended once a week for chronic conditions and twice a week for acute conditions.  A maintenance level is then determined with the client.


CranioSacral therapy work with "unwinding" restrictions, torsion and compression in the body and head that can create chronic pain. Many times the . Particular attention is paid to tension within the dura mater, the membrane that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. This membrane attaches to the inside of the skull (or cranium) and to the tailbone (or sacrum), hence the name. The cranioSacral system (the dura mater, the bones to which it is attached, and the cerebrospinal fluid inside) controls the internal environment in which the brain and spinal cord operate and thus exerts a powerful influence upon the functioning of the entire body. The therapist assess and determines the priority areas of focus typically working from the body core out and finishing at the head.

ENERGY HEALING-60 Minutes-$85

Working with the body's energetic field to promote deep healing and relaxation.  Certain energetic holds are used over the chakras to invite and influence energy flow from head to toe.  Described as a very grounding experience but with a lightening of the spirit. It encourages a deep healing and rejuvenation to the body, mind and soul.  Truly a beautiful expression of work that can lead to profound healing and is a signature offering of my work.


This work is for those desiring more energy, enhanced immunity, relief from allergies and sinus infections.  This work concentrates on opening drainage areas in the body and face to improve lymphatic function.  

NEUROFEEDBACK- 45 Minutes $95/Session or 5 Sessions $425 (SAVE $50)/10 Sessions $850 (SAVE $150)-Become your best you!

Neurofeedback is a wellness device that is used for any type of brain dysfunction or disorder. This safe, FDA approved wellness modality is used to help train your brain to a more optimal health and balance.  As we age our brain benefits just like our physical body from being "trained" or "strengthened".  With each session the brain finds its way back to a more calm and optimal balance. In the session, a few comfortable sensors are placed on both ears and on either side of the head. While relaxing in a chair or lying on a massage table, relaxing music is streamed through earbuds for approximately 30 minutes. During this process the brain can create new neuropathways which are strengthen with each session resulting in a healthier, calm and more balanced brain.  Just like weight training, neurofeedback requires several sessions to break old patterns and reset new ones creating new "muscle memory".  After the session, many clients report feeling very relaxed, peaceful and more positive. 

Every brain is different so its hard to know exactly how many sessions will be needed. However, 5 sessions would be appropriate to begin with for acute conditions like concussions and also for those under the age of 18 with more elastic brains. 10 sessions + for those with chronic conditions and for brains over the age of 18 with more life long conditions. 

Everyone would benefit from Neurofeedback as it's a non-invasive, wellness modality that  promotes peek performance clarity, focus, peaceful feeling, and a more positive outlook with each session. It also specifically can benefit those with the following conditions or disorders such as; PTSD, depression, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, addictions, seizures, chronic pain, dementia, Autism or ADHD/Sensory integration learning disabilities, concussions, TBI's, addictions (food cravings, substance, etc), Chemo-brain and much more.

Videos about Neurofeedback: