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Sara Chamberlin is a Professional Licensed Massage Practitioner (WA State License #MA60582347) and owner of Essential Massage and Bodywork. Sara graduated from the Massage Practitioner Program at Whatcom Community College in Bellingham, Washington (June 2015).  She is a member American Massage Therapy Association and volunteers one day a week at Peace Health St. Joseph’s Cancer Center offering Massage Therapy to cancer patients during treatment and recovery. Sara holds a Master in Business from the University of Phoenix and is also a business owner at a local engineering company in Whatcom County.













“Thank you so much Sara Chamberlin for an amazing massage!!!!  Because of you I’m on a fast recovery to a well balanced health.  I felt so spoiled by all the little extras.  You truly have a gift & I’m looking forward to my next appointment with you.  Thanks so much!!”  "5 out of 5 Stars!!" – Bethel Pena Layton, Ferndale, WA

“Sara performed a healing massage treatment for muscular and skeletal healing.  Not only does Sara relax the body with her healing touch, but she relaxes and purifies the mind to re-instill positive healing throughout the body. Everything from my respiratory system, mental mindset, and muscular/skeletal system is at ease and in the healing process. She is amazing”- Shelby Nerison, Bellingham, WA
"The Shoulder/Chair Massage was perfect and exactly what I needed.  I feel relief in my upper back and shoulders! Thank you!" -Danielle C. , Bellingham, WA 


Our Mission:
Essential Massage and Bodywork mission offers a high quality client-centered massage by integrating various modalities to reduce body discomforts and daily stressors.
Client health, comfort, and safety are paramount.  Our goal is to provide bodywork that will allow your body, mind and spirit the needed tools to rebalance and promote self healing.